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At your next barbecue, swap the fizzy drinks for lower-sugar fresh cordials, recommended by Barbecoa’s bar keeps

Light cordial water makes for a delicious refreshment. Compared to canned fizzy drinks, which can have up to 35 grams of sugar per 330ml, cordial water shouldn’t have more than 10 grams, making it a more balanced drink that’s great to serve at a special event like a family barbecue.

You can make your own cordial just by soaking, or ‘steeping’, herbs or fruit in water and very slowly heating three parts to one part sugar. If you’re the foraging type (and tall enough!) homemade elderflower is universally loved and perfect at the end of spring or the start of summer. Let it steep in water and, having used the low heat to dissolve the sugar, splash it through with soda. When in season, you can get things going by adding nettles in with the elderflower – it works to enrich the elderflower with a distinct earthiness. We promise that it tastes better than it sounds.

If you want to turn your soda into an alcoholic fizz, add some bison grass vodka. It works perfectly with a homemade soda of lime cordial, pink peppercorns and some celery bitters if you can get some. Poured over ice it’s like summer in a glass. 

At Barbecoa, we’ll always have refreshing cordials on our menu. The flavour depends on the season: just ask your server what’s on offer.