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Please note that tables of up to four people will be reserved for two hours and tables of five or more will be reserved for two and a half hours.


Barbecoa St Paul's bar manager, Kenny, tells us how to combine barbecue techniques with some recognisable flavours to create contemporary classic cocktails that you can experiment with at home, all year round.


Contrast is key in our approach to cocktails. Our role is to balance crisp refreshment with the big smoky flavours that you find on our food menu.

One of our most popular cocktails is the Bourbon Iced Tea

At its core is whiskey – bourbon works best – infused with the delicate aroma of tea leaves. We mix this over ice with cranberry, apple juice and a little bit of citrus for balance. Just a hint of peach liqueur can give it a real iced tea flavour.

Our Barbecoa Blazer is perfect for the winter months

At first, we blend apple and cinnamon bourbon, maple syrup and aromatic bitters with a few drops of orange oil. We then add some smoky Islay Scotch, orange peel and a cherry and pass the mixture back and forth between two glasses. If you have them, two metallic milk-frothing jugs work best. This process helps to level out the alcohol and makes the cocktail more palatable. You end up with a seasonal, slightly showy, crowd-pleasing cocktail.

You don’t need to sit down for a meal to enjoy a visit to Barbecoa. Our doors are always open to those who just want to pop in for one of our signature drinks. Plus, from 5pm-8pm every day, we serve a selection of our favourite cocktails for £5 each. Just don’t blame us if you’re tempted into going the whole hog.