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Argentine asado and "the third half"

On the latest leg of our trip around the ‘World of Barbecue’, we head to the Argentine countryside to catch a game of rugby – and to see the nation’s unique take on barbecue. Just as golf has the 19th hole – the post-round visit to the clubhouse bar – in Argentina, rugby has el tercer tiempo, the ‘third half.’

El tercer tiempo offers players from both teams the opportunity to come together after a game to share an asado (barbecue). The pride of rugby players and the envy of the footballing world, this Argentine institution exemplifies the respect and camaraderie between competing rugby sides, even when they’ve just spent the previous 80 minutes trying to thrash each other.

The set up for el tercer tiempo begins hours before a match has even kicked off. Members of the home team arrive loaded with firewood and an entire carcass. After patiently lighting and stoking the fire, they place well-seasoned cuts on the grill, a little away from direct heat. After several hours, the grill is topped up with chorizo sausage, burgers and rich black pudding. Heralding the end of the second half and the beginning of the third, the grill’s smoke begins to fan across the pitch welcoming the weary warriors to a well-deserved post-match feast. 

At Barbecoa, the Argentine grill’s smoke blows smells of the Rib-eye for two and Chateaubriand. The grill’s wheel allows chefs to position the cut exactly where they want it above the flame, ensuring a perfect cook. ¡Buen provecho!