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The keepers of our bar recommend some seasonal cordials as a sweet treat to complement your upcoming winter feasts.

We like to help people forget it’s getting cold outside by giving them something different from the usual mulled wine. As with the rest of the year, it’s a case of taking the flavours that you can’t help but associate with the season and getting them into the glass. Not just herbs and spices, but things like winter fruits – blackberries, plums and pears. It’s simply a process of making a purée or infusion with whatever you like and seeing what works. 


Do it yourself

Dandelion and myrtle are two great flavours for these shorter days and longer nights. The dandelion flowers offer a rich and floral taste that’s a perfect fit at this time of year, while myrtle brings a woody, earthy flavour that balances out the sweetness of the dandelion.

Firstly, you want to steep the dandelion and myrtle leaves in water on a low heat for a long time. Be sure to not let it boil, then strain the mixture. Use three parts of the strained water to one part sugar (or four to eight tablespoons of maple syrup for a healthier cordial). Again, cook on a low heat without letting it boil. Stir until the sugar dissolves, cool, then serve with some sparkling water for lovely autumnal or winter refreshment – and a splash of gin for a grown-up kick.

You can get your fill of Dandelion and Myrtle from The Foragers’ Fizz – Barbecoa’s unique take on the gin fizz. Come and ask one our bar staff for more tips on how you can replicate it at home.