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Please note that tables of up to four people will be reserved for two hours and tables of five or more will be reserved for two and a half hours.



The wise soul William Morris once said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” and this is exactly what should be pulsing through your mind when planning your barbecue. To avoid getting flustered make sure everything you need is on hand to make the event go swimmingly, and keep you looking ninja at the same time.

x1.) First impressions – serve large platters and boards of beautiful food that’s easy to prep ahead of time and brilliant for your ravenous guests to tuck straight into. It will look incredible and, most importantly, keep hungry people off your back while you orchestrate the grill. Think crostinis, quick salmon gravadlax, Italian-style antipasti and fresh, bright salads


2.) Stay hydrated – make drinks ahead of time so your mates can help themselves while you crack on with the cooking. Big bowls of punch, beautifully flavoured waters and soft drinks, pre-mixed cocktails and everything else thrown into big old buckets of ice, chilled to perfection and ready to go, is the order of the day. Jamie’s favourite Negronis are a real crowd pleaser


3.) A bit on the side – going to town on your condiments is a brilliant way to add another dimension to your food and can be made way ahead of time – even weeks before for the super organised of you out there. Think sauces, salsas, chutneys, pickles and mustards. You can also easily cheat and buy some superb quality, ready-made condiments and pimp them with fresh chilli, lemon juice, herbs or whatever suits. Fill big jars and bottles and celebrate the sauce! Don’t forget the accompaniments either – BBQ beans are a real crowd pleaser.


4.) Tools of the trade – few things look more impressive than big, bold herb brushes that will add some incredible flavours to your barbecue delights. Make a stack before you light the barbecue and line them up next to your marinades ready to go. Make sure you keep some separate for the raw meat, and some for finishing off what’s cooked and ready to serve so you don’t poison anyone. For tips and tricks, check out DJ BBQ’s video on how to make the ultimate herb brush. Don’t forget to head over to for some serious barbecue recipe inspiration


5.) Serve up in style – pile your barbecue bounty on big boards and family-style platters for a real wow factor. Make sure your meat gets to rest and sit in it’s juices before you carve it up though, as this is where all the magic happens. Check out these beautiful lamb lollipops, sticky Chinese ribs and impressive lamb recipes for some styling-up inspiration