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Please note that tables of up to four people will be reserved for two hours and tables of five or more will be reserved for two and a half hours.

Summer at Barbecoa

In the UK, we have really short seasons with produce popping up and disappearing quite quickly. That’s why, at Barbecoa, we make small changes to our menu throughout the year to make sure we can use the freshest, most timely ingredients, guaranteed to be packed with flavour and great texture.

Celebrating great produce

Spring and summer are prime months to enjoy refreshing, bright flavours that complement the warm weather. If you come in throughout May, you might find podded peas, asparagus and Jamie’s favourite wild garlic garnishing some of our signature dishes. Come in again a mere few weeks later and we’ll be highlighting peaches – that we Barbecoa up with some char and serve with a creamy hunk of burrata – and plump tomatoes that are just starting to get good on the Isle of Wight. We use them to make a really simple, zesty salad with elderflower vinegar and orange zest – the perfect summertime partner to one of our juicy steaks.

Fresh fruit, fine wine and foraging

With such an abundance of lovely, seasonal produce, all of our menus can benefit. You’ll also find summer laced through our desserts – think alpine strawberries, the first of the stone fruits and early berries – and our drinks menu, with wines to match the weather, homemade fruit sodas and refreshing highballs.

Plus, we take advantage of our weekly changing lunch menu to bring you some of the best fare for the time of year. Our suppliers work with foragers, who get out into the countryside and around the coast as the weather warms up, and bring us the incredible ingredients they find in our bi-weekly deliveries. We’ll often see gems like nettles, sea lettuce and young shoots to work into our dishes. You never know what you’re going to get.


The summer wind down

As the days start closing in you’ll find us serving up delights such as fennel pollen sprinkled on cheese and homemade crackerbread, and late summer squash that’s perfect for transitioning into the chillier autumn months.

Great seasonal sourcing plays a big part in keeping our dishes interesting and exciting all year around. Check out our menus to see what ingredients we're featuring this month, and book your table to try it all for yourself.