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Please note that tables of up to four people will be reserved for two hours and tables of five or more will be reserved for two and a half hours.


Barbecoa St Paul’s junior sous chef, Greg Taylor, loves big, family-style side platters where there’s something for everyone

Sides are so often an afterthought at a barbecue. Although it’s right that people put a lot of focus on meat, when I think of my favourite barbecues they were the ones with two or three simple but delicious sides. 

Creamed spinach is always a winner. It really is as simple as spinach, wilted over some steam, or quickly cooked in boiling water, with a little garlic and onion thrown in there and, of course, the cream – and lots of it. A nice finishing touch is ground nutmeg. 


To get your own homemade barbecue baked beans, smoke white or kidney beans in barbecue sauce for 5-6 hours so that they take on a heavy flavour.  When we offer it on the menu, we like to add burnt ends because of the delicious dose of fat and smoke from the meat. 

For salads, it’s best to keep things seasonal. The right produce can turn a simple salad into something incredible. So, go to your local greengrocer and tell them you’re looking to make a great seasonal salad. They should give you a few pointers and pick out some really fresh fruit and veg. Add a good vinaigrette and you’re guaranteed a wonderful salad. 

We’re super proud of our side dishes at Barbecoa – new on the menu for summer is Heritage new potatoes with lovage cream – the perfect accompaniment to a hearty steak. If the weather isn’t looking Barbecue ready, book a table with us and don’t get left out in the cold.