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Please note that tables of up to four people will be reserved for two hours and tables of five or more will be reserved for two and a half hours.


There’s a theory that cooking with fire is what made us modern humans, and saw us leave behind our homo erectus ancestors. We’re slightly fuzzy about dates though. Was fire-based cooking discovered 1.7 million years ago or a mere 200,000 years ago? Either way, it’s pretty far back. Fast forward (quickly!) and we end up at Barbecoa – still fascinated by fire, and looking for new, exciting ways to work with the most primitive cooking method on the planet, despite its long old history.

Throughout the ages, all cultures and regions have found their own ways of using fire in the kitchen – Japanese robatayaki, Argentine asado, Hawaiian luaus, Korean gogigui and the classic backyard barbecue that we’re all so familiar with, to name a few. At Barbecoa, we take influences from all of these diverse worldwide cooking methods. We’re forever thinking up new ways of putting a fiery twist on a classic, seeing what we can enhance with a bit of smoke, or thinking about which ingredients work well when they’re put through the wood oven.

Here’s what we’ve learnt: fire and smoke can make everything taste better! Whether it’s heating up coals at the base of a tandoor oven before popping in a skewer of prawns, or lining a wood-fired oven with flaming logs before sliding sticky spare ribs in there to char around the edges and take on a beautiful smoky flavour, you’ll find our flame-loving DNA in every dish.

We like to take traditional fine-ish dining ingredients that you might be familiar with, like a classic Béarnaise, and give it an edge. In this case, smoking the butter before we whip it all up. We roast our sweet potatoes and aubergine in the cinder pit – it imparts huge, smoky flavours into them so that when you rub off the charred skin, you’re left with a seriously intense ingredient. What’s better than steak with fire-roasted aubergine in the winter months? Plus, we char up broccoli and leeks, and our classic Romesco packs a punch with smoked peppers and tomatoes mixed in with garlic and chilli.

Not forgetting our signature steaks. When we grill on the robata, fat from the steaks drips onto the hot coals underneath and helps to char the meat beautifully, giving it an incredible texture. We’re bringing proper backyard barbecue methods up a notch.

And it’s not just the food that we get the fire into. Many of our cocktails have their flavours enhanced with some fire and smoke. Our Barbecoa blazer cocktail is the perfect way to finish a meal, and it arrives at the table with a ball of flames tumbling out the top of the glass.

For us it’s all about recreating that feeling of comfort you get from sitting around an open fire. A feeling that surely hasn’t changed in those millions of years.